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Run Flat Tyres

Run flat tyres are self supporting and don’t flatten completely like a traditional tyre.  They are often fitted to modern cars so more space can be made available in the storage areas.  Contrary to popular belief these tyres can still be punctured, but they can be driven for up to 50 miles, allowing you to get home or other safe place.  This is an important consideration for disabled drivers or those that regularly drive on their own at night.

Punctures in Run flat tyres can be repaired to British Safety Standards providing there is no internal damage to the tyre.

Because they don’t flatten completely they greatly reduce the risk of a blow-out.  They can only be fitted to a car that has a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) so drivers are aware that a puncture has occurred.

Run flats and conventional tyres should not be mixed because it can lead to braking and handling imbalances.

Run flats should last as long as any other tyre if tyre pressures are maintained in line with the manufacturers recommendations.